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Using these free Baseball certificate templates.

1. Click on a design of your liking.

2. Swap or remove the decoration from the certificate template.

3. You can choose from other background colours if you wish.

4. Change any of the text to suit your needs. – If you want to change text sizes then use the font size tab, see how to improve your layout.


These baseball certificate templates are set up with the most common certificate titles, such as Player of the Match and Most valuable Player etc. Use the menu above to display the relevant certificates for each of these.

It’s great to motivate your teams with these acknowledgements of achievement. You are able to change any text so there is no restriction on the type of certificate award you can make, even some of the more tongue in cheek titles we hear occasionally are used to extend a games’ fun.

You have chosen specifically baseball certificate templates so every design has a baseball watermark. You can also use the blank certificate templates if you prefer not to have the watermark images.

Once you have your baseball certificate set-up, use the ‘create’ button to preview it and then click ‘print’ to generate a PDF printable version from your internet browser or click ‘download’ to download a PDF version and email it or print it from your PC.

Over the next few months we will introduce many more themed backgrounds for all walks of life but we hope you enjoy this early preview of things to come.Please use the feedback form to lets us know of particular certificate themes or decorations you would like to see.Enjoy!