Christmas gift ideas

Thoughtful Christmas present ideas for him and her.

So the holidays are fast approaching and you need some great Christmas gift ideas this year. At awardbox we feel your pain and would like to help you out with some approaches that will inspire you to think of Christmas present ideas that will be the best gift you can give. We go beyond the usual gift ideas most of the other websites list to really get you thinking about that important person and their reaction on Christmas day when they open your gift.

If you want that something that is a bit special read on OR if you're looking for a quick list click here.

We all want to be thoughtful and maybe even if it is Secret Santa you are buying for, competitive thoughtfulness! In most cases the person you’re shopping for has the finance to buy whatever they want throughout the year so getting them something they actually want but haven’t bought themselves is tricky.

To help you with this we can break buying good Christmas presents into three categories.

free christmas present idea of a few hours peace and quiet on a gift certificate

Gift idea categories

  1. Super thoughtful - Going the extra mile
  2. The surprise big experience – without necessarily spending any money
  3. Classic list of free and low cost ideas

Don’t overlook the free yet big ideas we have here as they may be the most heart warming Christmas gift they will receive. Just because it won’t cost you any money doesn’t mean it won’t take a considerable amount of effort and time which in turn will show them how much you love them.

With our free christmas gift certificates link button most of these ideas don’t require you to physically go to a store. These Christmas gift certificates are a festive way of presenting your thoughtful gift on Christmas day. It may be a subscription or a promise or an event that doesn’t come in a box and cant be wrapped but you need that special presentation moment.

The Best Christmas gift ideas for men this year

A true Christmas ideas guide for your husband, boyfriend, dad or son, not just a list.
Remember, thoughtful is better than buying something expensive they don’t want.

Category 1. Going the extra mile for him.

Step 1.

Think about where he spends his free time and where he spends his own money. Usually they are both the same place ie a hobby or pastime. Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1.

It may be photography but they spend a lot of time travelling to locations or waiting outdoors for long periods of time getting the perfect shot.

Example 2.

They are keen local historians but have only ever researched on the internet.

Example 3.

Sport is their life and they attend every match or event.

Step 2.

Don’t go for the obvious but think about the other influences on their hobby. Let’s explore the examples again. (Don’t take them as literal)

Example 1.

How about something to remember you by when he is waiting for hours on end like a lightweight yet personalized fold away field chair.

Example 2.

Arrange a meeting with your local church minister to go through parish records or find an elderly resident to the local area who can talk all about the history.

a thoughtful christmas gift idea presented as a gift certificate for him or her
Example 3.

Get him something for his comfort, a box of hand warmers or knit him some amazing over socks in his team colors for standing out in the cold.


Once you are on to a good Christmas gift idea, go on the internet and find a forum of that pastime (or get someone to help you), then make a ‘forum post’ explaining your gift idea. You’ll be amazed how enthusiasts will enjoy helping you and potentially give you other insights into your husband, boyfriend or dad’s hobby. It will be a gift that will blow their mind and show just how much effort you have gone to even if it hasn’t cost a cent.

These are examples to prompt your own thought processes. Think beyond the obvious when looking for Christmas gifts for the men in your life and use one of our free christmas gift certificates link button to give it on the day.

Best Christmas gift ideas for her.

If you’re looking to go beyond the usual Christmas presents of bath products and calenders then these steps here will help you with Christmas gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend.

The secret is all about observation and then thinking beyond the obvious.

Gifts that come in boxes may not always be the most thoughtful.

Category 1.Going the extra mile for her

Think back over the last year and observe. How has your girlfriend or wife spent their free time? Have you noticed her enjoying a particular author? Review last year’s Christmas presents and whether there was anything particularly she wanted that she did not receive.

Let’s look at some more examples to illustrate the thinking process and achieve that particularly special Christmas gift for her.

Example 1.

You could give a personal gift certificate for a meal out and it may be well received but presenting a meal out where you first met or where you proposed will mean so much more.

Example 2.

If she is an animal lover then create a gift certificate as a mystery tour and end up at a zoo.

But, make it exciting and build the suspense. Perhaps you can arrange secretly some hands on time with their favorite animal or sign up an animal adoption before you get to the venue and introduce them to their new animal.

Example 3.

She is a fitness enthusiast and loves running.

This next idea sounds dated but make her a “mix tape” (a compilation of all the music that has meant something to her over the time you have been together.) or compilation download or usb etc.

Remember we are trying to go the extra mile here and give the best Christmas gift for your wife or girlfriend this year. Put your present on one of our free christmas gift certificates link button so you can present it on the day.

Category 2. The surprise big experience – without necessarily spending any money

Exchange your time with a friend or relation who has cool stuff or skills.

This is a great Christmas present idea or Christmas stocking filler if you are on limited funds. The expression “it’s not what you know it’s who you know'' could never be more true when looking for an amazing Christmas experience on a limited budget.

Think about who you know and what skills or situations they have that could provide your kids or partner an experience they could never buy over the counter.

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Here are some ideas to get your thoughts going:

You offer ... Friend offers ...
Basket of home baked cookies Ride along in a big rig
A portrait of their kids Outing on a sailboat
Full day babysitting Out of hours access to an attraction
Fix their car Walk around a film set
Mend their fence Play in a rock band
Help with garage sale Time with a florist
Photoshoot Day in a candy store
Help with a website Spend a day at a ranch
Offer your dressmaking skills - adjust their clothes to fit Ride in a sports car
Garden planning Time with a friend who is an amazing baker

Remember these are Christmas ideas as a suggestion to get your own thoughts exploring unique gifts that will really be special without breaking the bank.

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Category 3. Classic list of free and low cost ideas

Free promises
Clean my room Breakfast in bed
Cut the lawn Put out the trash
Walk the dog Massage
Babysitting Pet sitting
Snow shovelling Washing up
Pampering - bath night Control of TV remote
Screentime Dads taxi service
Extended bedtime pass Day off from chores
Events to do together
Concert Theatre
Musical Ice Skating
Sports match Country walk
Trip to where you first met Sightseeing
Skiing lessons Cookery days
Spa day Chocolate or Candy making
Festival tickets Wine tasting - learning
Cocktail making 4x4 experience
Photoshoot Archery

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