Free Blank Certificates

Quick and easy to use. Change any text. Swap any decoration.

Welcome to awardbox free blank certificate templates. Use any certificate you like the look of and type in your own text. Each blank certificate template has changeable background colors and an option to swap the decoration or remove it all together. You can also choose a sports themed blank certificate from the 'Sports & Pastimes' menu. Once you have completed your changes you can download as a PDF or image for social media.

To remove our logo and add your own logo or images checkout our pricing page add my logo or photos. If things dont quite look as you hoped please check the help page ‘How to Create a Certificate’

Using these free Blank Certificate Templates.

1. Click on a design of your liking. 2. Swap or remove the medal decoration from the certificate template. 3. You can choose from other background colours if you wish. 4. Change any of the text to suit your needs.