Gift Card Holder template designs

Quick and easy to use. Change any text. Swap any decoration.

Just add your message and stick your gift card to the holder for a lovely presentation.

It’s all in the presentation so use a free Gift Card Holder.

Just giving a gift card or a downloaded game code as a present always feels like you’re not making much effort. When it comes to the Ta Dah! presentation moment on the celebration day, no matter what value of money you have spent it all falls a bit flat. However, the recipient will really enjoy having the option to buy just what they want or if it’s a game code, spending many happy hours enjoying new levels or new in-game features.

The easiest way to make more of your gift is to present your gift cards or gift game codes in a really nice way using one of these gift card holder or game code holders. They are not just for presents but a gift card holder can be used for work performance incentives or to promote your own business.

With these you can simply add your own message or logo so that the purpose of the gift is understood. Ideal for short run or individual gift awards for birthdays, graduations, bridal showers or anything personal or business alike.

The level of personalization available with these gift card holders will stand out from the usual store envelopes. You can choose from full page design which can fold to make a gift card wallet or half page gift card holder design which can go in a standard envelope. Why not add your own photo to make it that bit more special.

Once you have created your holder, download the pdf and simply print from home on some nice paper. Please make use of the help videos available here and the printing guide and tips here.