Shareable e-Certificates.

What are they for and what do they look like.


Shareable e-Certificates are a new opportunity to provide your recipient the ability to celebrate their achievements with friends, family or their wider social network. We took the idea from the fact that before the internet we would display our achievements proudly on the wall of our homes or offices so that any visitors would be able to acknowledge and remark on them.

Now we are able to present our best selves to those that are important to us through the internet, Awardbox has created the shareable certificate. This not only provides a well presented visual version of your certificate in a frame and background but also provides an opportunity for viewers to contribute to the memory and achievement of the event or skill by depositing comments and acknowledgements alongside the certificate. Of course this is on top of giving them a traditional printed certificate from the regular downloaded PDF option.

So, why not create a shareable certificate today and send them the link by email so they can broadcast it to their own network. They can use the symbols displayed under the certificate for sharing to social media applications and the comment boxes are for people to contribute to the memory.

At the same time, if you are a school, club or business and you wish to have an achievers gallery on your own website, now you can incorporate the links and display them there, again benefitting from viewers contributions.

We hope you enjoy this new opportunity and respect the terms and conditions we declare here. Please remember that any content you put into the certificate may be viewed by anyone across the internet if shared by your recipient.

To create a shareable first create the certificate in the normal way and then in the print options choose 'Shareable'. See the 'How to Video' for Shareables

Of course you can do both options and send a printed version or PDF AND send a shareable version all for free.

Happy awarding!