Awardbox since 2010

part of Alinea since 2005

Awardbox came about in order to produce great certificate design in a free format that is easy to edit without special tools or skills. We have aimed it for people who do not have a lot of time to tweak or create their own designs yet desire a professional looking end product.

We celebrated the 1 million download mark back in 2020 and look forward to the next stages of developing our offering.

Our history.

Our roots are as a small software house in the UK (Alinea Interactive Limited) developing bespoke software applications such as E-learning, virtual reality and tailored sales applications since 2005. Our clients have been UK military, international banking and a long and current association with an international corporation in the printing sector. Our professional skills are in Graphic Design, Printing and Software development for over 30 years.

We very much hope you enjoy Awardbox and through it are able to reward and congratulate thousands more individuals for their achievements and skills.

We are based approximately 1 hour outside of London