awardbox is a global community all about recognition and positive feeling.

Do’s and Don’ts.

Don’t upset anyone

This service is all about good things. Sending awards that contain insults, bullying or aggressive messaging do not have a place within awardbox. Use of offensive language is not accepted in the site. Hopefully you can manage without it! If you are planning to make your award Public then please do not include nudity in the images… save it for your friends and keep those awards Private!

Don’t put anyone’s personal information at risk.

Be aware when creating an award that the recipient may wish to make it public. Avoid using imagery or information that may compromise that individual’s privacy (especially people under the age of 18 or other vulnerable groups) ie. giving away names, ages, locations, significant clues in the background of images, vehicle number plates etc. Basically, do not give away information to those that might misuse it against yourself or others appearing within the award.

Don’t misuse the service.

This is a bit obvious but don’t use this service as a way of communicating illegal information or spreading illegal material.

Don’t break the law.

Make sure you stick to the laws of your country when using this service. Make sure you have permission to use any names or imagery that are not wholly owned by you. Comply with any copyright requirements of imagery you upload or brand names you quote.

Do report abuse.

Please notify us through the ‘contact us’ link regarding any public awards that you feel are offensive. If they are found to be offensive they will be removed from the system.

Do use common sense.

This is a service based site for anyone and everyone, be nice, think about how your actions effect others and let everyone enjoy it without prejudice.

Do Have Fun!

The awardbox team.