Free Wine Tasting Gift Certificate template designs

Quick and easy to use. Change any text. Swap any decoration.

For an evening with friends, family or to promote your wine business.

Being invited to a wine tasting evening is a real treat. Why not use one of these free wine tasting gift certificate templates to run your own home evening tasting with a great group of friends.

Use the certificate as a way of invitation and carry the pertinent information on the body of the certificate such as time and venue, then just download it and print off as many as you need to start your event.

If you operate a business then you can run a great open evening in your store to introduce new customers to your range of wines. Just use one of our professional wine tasting gift certificate templates to promote your event. Perhaps put on some cheese nibbles to help the flow of the event.

To add a professional touch add your business logo and perhaps some photos of your wines to broaden the appeal with your gift certificate.