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Certificate of Achievement tips and ideas

It’s likely we have all achieved certain tasks or challenges in our lives but perhaps not that many have been recognised with a certificate. When you create a certificate here its worth taking a few moments to make sure you capture all the information that will make the certificate increasingly treasured for the years to come.

The Title

It may seem obvious but make sure the title of the achievement really explains what they have accomplished. Just using ‘certificate of achievement’ does not quite convey that which the recipient has actually done. Add some descriptive text below the title. This can be done by using the line return key in the title box after the main heading. Now you can add a meaningful description.

Adding dates

It is good to add dates so they will be able to look back in the future to enjoy their memories. The value of a certificate is that it will be kept for many years. It is very unusual for someone to dispose of a certificate as it is a personal record of achievement so the dates will be important.

Your the boss!

Personalizing it by adding your own name rather than just the company name can be a nice enhancement. You are free to change the text in all of our boxes.

Make sure they know they are great

Of course this is a recognition certificate so adding some chatty text around why the recipient is so awesome. This can go a long way to motivate them to keep achieving. We don’t want the certificate to be a reason for them to stop their efforts, but more to encourage further growth.

Photos and Logos

If you are recognising someone as a business or institution then why not add your brand to the certificate to increase its gravitas. Don’t forget, given the pride involved in having an achievement recognised formally through a certificate, the recipient can link the downloaded certificate to their social media circle which will promote your brand too if it carries your logo. You can do this by adding your logo through a paid account. Similarly if you are recognising someone’s achievement for fun why not add their photo to make it really special. You can do this by adding their photo through a paid account.

At the end of the day, by using one of these certificate of achievement templates you have done a nice thing in taking the time to boost someone in their motivation and confidence. Nicely done!