Free Gift Voucher Templates

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Creating a Gift voucher template.

Choose a design that suits your needs.
Type into the lines with your own text content leaving blank any that you don’t need.
Text sizes can be increased or decreased using the font size tab, see how to improve your layout.

The gift voucher templates are provided as a single A4 version (ideal if you are emailing your voucher to the recipient or you want a large presentation copy) or as two vouchers on a page. This is if you wish to produce smaller vouchers or want the economy of printing two per page. It is also useful if you are having them professionally printed in volume. Once you have completed your text simply use the download or preview button to retrieve the PDF for printing on your desktop printer or emailing.

If things don’t quite look as you hoped please check the help pages ‘How to Create a Certificate’ and ‘Improve your certificate layout’
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Gift Ideas

Struggling to find a perfect gift idea?

There can’t be many people who find it easy to get the ‘perfect’ gift especially if you are in a hurry or have a limited budget. Equally a gift voucher does not have to mean splashing the cash. How much more says “you mean a lot to me” or “I love you” than giving up your time to make your recipient feel really happy? Use one a gift voucher certificate to give them your time. A voucher for doing the washing up all week or babysitting your children so your partner can go out can go a lot further than a new dvd or pair of socks!
If you have booked something special for them or are giving them a special cash sum then using one of these gift voucher templates provides a way for them to hold onto the memory of where the gift came from and why they received it.

Gift Voucher Ideas for your business

As a way to boost visitors to your business whether online or high street shop, a gift voucher can be a great incentive to new potential consumers.

Motivating employees and increasing performance can be very simply carried out by using a gift voucher template. It needs no outlay and can be highly visible within the business. Creating an extended lunch hour voucher or ‘Start at 10’ voucher for the winner of the employee of the month will soon have your staff talking. Perhaps up the anti and have a ‘Swap my car week” voucher ... or perhaps not!

Printing a large batch of voucher blanks?

Download your completed gift voucher template, leaving spaces where you plan to fill in by hand and take it to a local quick print company. Note: Awardbox gift voucher templates download in a resolution higher than the usual screen resolution for printing purposes. Get your printer to double check the suitability of the PDF download and confirm that they can match the colours you expect before they start.


It is great to receive a gift and the sentiment behind it but it’s also a very nice feeling to see the appreciation on the other persons face when you give one.

Make someone happy today and give a gift voucher today.
It doesn’t have to cost a penny!