How to save your own templates

Save your regular certificates as templates for reuse.

Save designs, layouts and wording you use regularly. Simply load a saved template and just change the areas you need to.

To save your own template first login.

You will need a paid subscription Standard Member account to access the ‘My Saved Templates’ menu under ‘My Account’.


Click on the ‘My Saved Templates’ menu button.

select templates button

Create your certificate in the usual way with all the information and layout choices you wish to save as a template.

click add to my templates

Click on the ‘Add to my templates’ button.

You will see a message like this.

adding template notice

And then another to say it has saved successfully.

template added success notice

If you see the message shown below then it is worth waiting a few seconds more or click the screen to try again.

added template error message

You can now continue creating certificates from the loaded certificate or create new ones.
Note: Creating the certificate previews in the My Saved Templates page can take a few moments so you may see the following image if you jump quickly to the ‘My Saved templates’ page. It will eventually change to the correct preview image.

thumbnail temporary image

To create a new certificate from one of your saved template designs, go to the ‘My Saved Templates’ page from the menu and click on the image of any thumbnail you have saved. This will load and you can get creating!

load a template thumbnail