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Finding a ‘one size fits all’ medal is not as easy as it seems.

If you’re thinking of shopping for medals and try Amazon then be ready for 52,000 results. Like most things we think as simple such as “I need medals for my prize giving” never end up as quick to sort out once we release our desires to the internet!

As editor here I have spent some (a lot) of time seeing what the web and not just on amazon has to offer when buying medals. For those of us who decide to up the anti with our recognition and add some award hardware to the presentation ceremony, and of course to go alongside a fabulous awardbox certificate this review will save you some time!

Here are some of the defining factors that play a part in getting to a successful conclusion.
Budget, Quantity, Quality and Relevance.

I began my search at Amazon as I guess that’s where most of us start.

I guess we all have an idea of how deep our pockets are before we start shopping and there are definitely medals out there to suit the shallowest pockets going, referred to in search categorizes as ‘party medals’. In researching this I would say that the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ rings very true.

This may seem a bit obvious but if you are shopping for 20 – 100 medals for a school presentation or club league award ceremony, you will find yourself at the cheaper end of the market, probably in the toy category. If you want to keep the recognition meaningful then concentrate your budget on fewer higher quality medals and then recognize the rest with one of our fabulous free certificates each.

This is where you have to answer the question “Why have I decided to give out medals?” If the medals in question are just ticking a box and delivered en-masse then you can certainly fill the need with light weight plastic low end medals. If you want something that the recipient will cherish and reflect their level of the achievement then there is a medium level of spend that will cover this. See editors pick. I was quite surprised to see that there are some serious money precious metal medals available but I will save that for another review.
Finally many of the providers offer an engraving option when you make your purchase which again will add prestige but also cost.

This proved my biggest issue of the review. I had intended finding some nice ‘one size fits all’ medals to help you with your awards. The sort of thing I was thinking of was a trophy on a medal or a simple star which could be interpreted for a wide range of scenarios. Noooo! To my surprise there is a huge availability of specific medals, particularly in sports. A great deal is made of ‘the torch’ for many medals when looking for something a bit more generic, less so showing a trophy which you would have thought would cover a greater number of situations, or perhaps they think if you show a trophy you should buy a trophy! The torch symbol is prolific in many of the these medals but of course the torch is relevant to the Olympics so using it for anything else might be pushing it.
So, let’s say we are looking for a generic medal to add to our Achievement or Recognition certificate.

Here are my results for finding a more generic medal, but even then they are more ‘winner’ or 1st 2nd 3rd medals. If this is what you are looking for then this will save you a lot of time!

Coming soon. We will be buying some medals, trophies and ribbons and make some video reviews to hopefully give you a feel for quality and size etc before you commit to buying. Watch this space.

Ed. (Tom)

Don’t be put off by the title. The medal just say’s “1st Place”

Here are my results for finding a more generic medal, but even then they are more ‘winner’ or 1st 2nd 3rd medals. If this is what you are looking for then this will save you a lot of time! USA only.

If you’re on a budget, but dont expect the earth! 6 medals.

These have a good review generally for 33 people. In summary they basically say they do the job but they also reflect the low price.

Size is everything! This looks huge and it features a Trophy hurrah!

It has 43 very happy reviews and no negatives. Price tag is not prohibitive of a First, Second and Third version as obviously your not handing out hundreds. USA only.

If size is important then this is a nice set of three.

This has over 70 positive reviews. At 3 inch diameter it look pretty good too.

If your in the UK then your choice is not as great for a generic medal but …

Again the title mentions the word ‘Achievement’ yet it doesn’t appear in the image, only ‘Winner’. They offer many different centers for the same outer. The company often has just one review per product yet those are positive. Here you get 15 for your money including ribbons. UK only.

And finally … a ‘one size fits all medal’

Now, this one really is generic but comes in a really cool presentation box. It looks like it needs individual engraving though as on the reverse is a blank panel. Mixed reviews but generally positive. USA only.

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