Making your certificates look better.

If you are finding your certificate templates don’t look quite right then have a look at a few of our tips below.

Cutting & Pasting

Tip. Always type your text into the certificate. Cutting and pasting text into it can cause some weird results as it cuts and pastes some additional settings you can’t see. Sometime you wont see the problem until you create your certificate.

Error on my lovely certificate!

error text 
To fix this you will need to type it in manually.

Text over spilling design

Tip. Sometimes your typing will appear over the design elements. You can prevent this by changing the text sizes and using the ‘Return key’ on your keyboard or ‘Insert new line’ from the pop up menu.
Select the text you want to work with.
From the ‘Font-size’ tab select a font size that looks good.
To shorten the length of the sentence put your mouse cursor where you want to split the line.
Click the ‘Insert New Line’ tab.
Finished styling.