How to add your own logo or photo

Adding a logo takes only a few simple steps

Upload your logo or another image, click it to see what it looks like in the certificate. That’s it, you now have branded certificates!

To upload a logo or small photo first login.

You will need a $10 paid account to access the ‘Photo/Logo Manager’ menu under ‘My Account’.


Click on the ‘Photo/Logo Manager’ menu button.


1. Click on the ‘Select File’ button. Locate your chosen logo or image from your computer drive in the usual way. Note: Maximum file size is 400px x 400px.  Tip: Make sure you delete as much spare space around your image to get the maximum display size on the certificate.

2 & 3. Wait for your image to upload.

4. You can upload as many images as you wish. Why not experiment with actual photos albeit rather small ones 😛

To delete any images from the ‘logo or image’ use the delete button.


To add a logo or image to your certificate

Now choose a certificate design from the main menu bar or go to your ‘My Saved Templates’ and select a certificate to create.

In the ‘logo or image’ panel on the right you can click directly on any of your images to see them in the certificate or you can click the round button underneath any image to make it your default image so it will load every time you create a certificate. Note: the layout of the certificate may change to accommodate the orientation of your logo/image.