How to Upgrade or Cancel your account.

Upgrading from a Free Member.

If you are already a ‘Free Member’ then you can upgrade to a paid subscription by logging in and going to
your ‘My Account’ page. Then click on ‘Upgrade’.

upgrading your account

Choose your subscription option and follow the payment process.


Cancelling a subscription

To cancel your subscription login and go to your ‘My Account’ page. Click on the ‘Cancel’ link alongside your subscription description.


Confirm your cancellation using the ‘Confirm’ button. Note: To completely remove your account from Awardbox use the message facility on the right of the window to request its deletion. We will confirm this with you by email and then carry out your instruction. Please be aware this will irrevocable delete any images and templates you may have created.



Once you have cancelled your subscription you will return to a free member level. You can at anytime re subscribe to a Subscription Member.